1998-03-17: Undead Orc Attempts To Take Fort

Chesapeake Edition

Undead Orc Attempts To Take Fort

Author: Caitlin Elopidat Published: March 17, 1998

Yew - The old fort South of Yew has long been a favorite of brigands, bandits, and thieves. Anyone looking for a place to hideout, or as a base to run their petty illegal operations from has always had the option of the abandoned military out post, left over from a time of war and chaos.

But for many years now, the fort has been different. It has become a place of refuge for the weaker races of monsters who roam the wild lands outside of the towns of Britannia. Mongbats have frequently been found inside it's walls, as have lizardmen. Most recently, however, it has become a favorite haunt of some of the orc tribes who roam our lands.

That is why it is with a worried demeanor that I deliver this bit of news to you, faithful reader. Most recently the fort was taken and held for some time by an orc who was somewhat different than his brethren. An orc who was, like zombies, skeletons, and ghouls, undead.

This undead orc led a band of other normal orcs in capturing the fort and held it for many hours before a large contingent of warriors, hearing the cries of the people, took it upon themselves to rid him from the land.

Those who arrived on the scene first were slaughtered by the orcs, the faith in their ghastly leader lending them the strength they so often lack to follow through on their threats. Warrior after warrior entered the fort through magical means or more conventional ones, only to find that those who had come before them had suffered a grisly fate. All seemed hopeless in this dark hour.

But soon came the turning of the tide. A three pronged attack that seemed unrehearsed caught the orcs off guard, and soon they were scrambling in different directions, scurrying about like the vermin they so often seem to be. Even the gruesome monarch of this horrific band, the undead orc himself, seemed unsure of what had happened. It must have been the hands of fate that turned the tide so quickly, for no one involved seemed to have an answer for what happened.

The undead attempted to shut himself off from the battle, adjourning himself to the lookout tower, and attempting to barricade himself into the small room, possibly waiting out the melee and replanning his strategy. But he ran afoul of some of the braver warriors, and at least one wizard, who wanted to help him return to the grave he so richly deserved. He fought fiercely, wounding two of the warriors, and almost destroying another outright. But he was severely wounded himself, and like a cornered rat, made one last desperate attempt to flee.

It was at the door of the tower itself where he was caught and killed. As the battle had raged on several of the other mercenaries noticed his disappearance, and tracked him to the tower. They met him on his way out. With warriors on both sides of him now, he had no choice but to fight to the death. And his death came swiftly.

What could have brought such an evil being into the midst of our beautiful land? Why does he seek to control the fort? What was his ultimate goal? Will he return? The answers to these questions may never be known. Unfortunately, these things always seem to return. The only real question may be, when?