1998-03-18: Buccaneer’s Den Still Owned By Orcs

Atlantic Edition

Buccaneer’s Den Still Owned By Orcs

Author: Haljom Published: March 18, 1998

As ye all know Buccaneer’s Den has been under attack for the last several days. The Orcs, own, or think they own the Island and all we can do is fight back the hordes that are arriving daily.

Mogcha the Leader of the Orcs is still at large. Aye, I to think the foul creature is hiding out. Lord British’s aids have ask that if Mogcha is found that he not be attacked, but to talk to him and explain that he needs to travel to the Great city of humans (Britain) and he will not be harmed by the guards or the humans of the land. Lord British’s aids wish to try to barter with Mogcha for the deed to Buccaneer’s Den. I have no details on what they are willing to barter with, but I know they are the best in the land and I trust their fine judgment.

Mogcha needs to be found soon, for the deaths of warriors now mounts into the hundreds in the defense of the Island City. I only wish to see this madness over a false deed end.