1998-03-18: No Rest For The Dead

Atlantic Edition

No Rest For The Dead

Author: Caitlin Elopidat Published: March 18, 1998

Vesper - - The dead have risen again. So sayeth the people of Vesper, and those in Britannia. Last night skeletons, zombies, and liches once again rose from their places of final rest to wreak havoc on the world of the living again.

Most of the citizenry has heard tales of the dead walking again, with malevolence in their hearts, trying to bring the living back with them into their dark spiraling world. Certainly when a band of skeletons, including a bone mage, made their way to the gates of Vesper’s cemetery, the people of the city became aware of the problem.

The problem is that no one seems to no why they rise again and again, or how to put a stop to it. Sage Humbolt, who normally offers advice for problems such as this, is busy with his own undead problems. Namely the two liches, Lathiari and Kyrnia.

But in a world as dangerous as ours, there are always heroes and heroines ready to fight the good fight, and battle away with those who refuse to remain in their graves. A mage was seen near the cemetery in Vesper using his talents to create a wall of flame that seemed to halt the progress of the Zombies who seemed so intent on having him for lunch. His abilities seemed up to the task of fighting against a horde of the creatures, and he dispatched many, say witnesses.

These fearsome creatures may never go away, at least not until someone can discover the secret to their existance. Why is it that they continue to come back, even after being destroyed time and again? Many brave warriors have pondered this question as they watched fallen comrades and foes alike rise again and take up their weapons even after they were clearly dead. It is the fate of some, it seems, to walk the earth continually,battling even after the battle has ended. Until [[UO:Sage Humbolt]] has more free time to devote to the problem we see everyday in the cemeteries near town, I say we barricade them off, keep the young and old alike safe from this threat by locking the foul creatures who mock our very existance in their horrid death chambers. The fetid stench of decay will come wafting again though. It always does.