1998-03-23: Organised Monster Attacks Have Returned

Pacific Edition

Organised Monster Attacks Have Returned

Author: Jehob Rebram Published: March 23, 1998

News of a large attack comes forth from the town criers!

After only a few days of peace, it appears that organized monster attacks became a terror in the land of Britainnia once more.

This time a siege took place at the Vesper Cemetary just west of the peace-loving island town. A liche lord, one of Britainnia’s more fearsome monsters arose from the crypts, apparently to summon creatures from the depths of hell itself to attack any noble citizen that was passing by.

The graveyard was soon filled with raging packs of angry hell hounds, possibly called forth and organized to attack by the evil liche lord.

As loyal followers of the Town Cryer know, Britainnia has recently seen a number of monster attacks that seem to be organized by the more powerful monsters of the world.

Just last week, a pack of dire wolves descended on Yew’s Empath Abbey and an image captured by the Town Cryer showed what appeared to be an Ogre Lord driving the wolf pack to attack.

As like most of these attacks, the powerful monster packs swarm into an area quickly, and with great force, leaving unfortunate travelers dead in their wake. This horrifying image obtained by Town Cryer staffers shows the liche lord cackling with laughter over the corpses of its victims.

The battle was fierce, and soon the tide was turning against the undead as many powerful mages, fighters and archers answered the town crier’s call to action.

Through teamwork, the warriors soon slayed all the evil undead, and turned their team fighting on the liche lord himself. Multiple bright blue bolts of lightning seared the sky and stuck the liche lord with their full force, but didn’t seem to damage the evil creature but for a small fraction of its life force.

It was a grave and stomach churning-moment indeed, as the liche lord, even while retreating, paused to taunt the fallen soldiers. Its screams seemed to attempt to summon the ghosts into turning against their living brothers.

Many of the battle’s mages had to quickly weave the magic of the resurrection spell to prevent the liche lord from claiming the ghosts. However, the mages were victorious, as they succeeded in pulling the ghosts back into the world of the living before the liche lord added them to its army of undead.

The warriors were eventually victorious, disrupting the liche lord’s ability to summon any more of the undead or monsters from hell. The powerful force continued to drive the liche lord and its evil creatures backward until the liche lord could retreat no more, and the corpses of the creatures lay everywhere.

At this point, the warriors thought the tide had turned and they were going to slay the liche lord, however, a most curious thing happened. The liche lord, rather than fighting to its death, opened a red moongate, a sight not usually seen in the land. From there it screeched that it would return another day to slay all of the people that dared to fight it, and it descended into the red moongate. Some of the brave warriors tried to charge the gate, attempting to follow the liche lord into the depths, but no living creature could pass the doorway to evil.

What has happened to the evil in our land? Is it finally organizing into groups to turn against us? Your Town Cryer will chronicle these attacks as they happen.