1998-03-25: Hath Thou Been to Yew

Global Edition

Hath Thou Been to Yew?

Author: Jasper McCarrin Published: March 25, 1998

Yew - Hath thou been to Yew? Tis a truly peaceful place. I always enjoy my visits there. T'is not someplace I get to often enough, but as the birthplace for the best, and only, wine of our realm, I feel it is my duty to make my way to Yew now and again.

The first place I always head is to the vineyard itself. This is where the wine I know so well comes from. The grapes I see growing here will one-day refresh my palette as an almost perfect red wine. The one thing that disturbs me is all of the birds hanging about. Especially the ones sitting above the grapes. I do hope they go elsewhere to... uh... nevermind.

The next stop would seem logically to be Ye Olde Winery, but, nay, the winery is empty. One of the most boring buildings in the realm. I know not whether it has merely fallen to disuse or if it has changed uses. T'is not worth visiting regardless.

A quick stop at the Empath Abbey is, of course, almost mandatory. The monks are often quite open to conversation, though generally lacking in anything to actually speak about. The abbey presents a golden opportunity to sample some of the wine that comes from the grapes from the vineyard we hath seen earlier. The innkeepers are always willing to supply as much wine as thou art willing to purchase. Just don't forget to tip - if the wine is watered the next time I make it to Yew, I'll know it was the fault of thee.

As an end to thy day, I suggest a slow stroll through the surrounding area. T'is usually safe and always beautiful. Yew is the only place in the realm where city and forest do merge so completely. And nothing is as amazing as the feeling one hast when coming upon one of the majestic Yew trees. They tower over everything and are so mighty that even a dragon could not reach around one to grab his own tail. Truly incredible.

Travel and enjoy the land, friends. Remember to take the time to notice what is around thee. And never decline an offered glass of wine. Fare thee well.