1998-03-26: Elder Gazers Fight Over A Human Morsel

Chesapeake Edition

Elder Gazers Fight Over A Human Morsel

Author: Genn Wintord Published: March 26, 1998

Two gazer elders nabbed a human captive and brought him to the hedge maze. Here they fought over the right to feast on the prize. The prisoner was held in one of the buildings at the center of the maze. Ratmen and lizardmen patrolled the maze itself, though it is not known if the gazers had any part in bringing them. More likely they sensed a fight between the two factions of gazers and wished to scavenge the losers.

As word of this spread many brave warriors headed to the maze to fight off the gazers and find their prisoner. Fighting their way through the ratmen and lizardmen, some made it to the center of the maze. Here they found many gazers, and the fighting intensified. Many a brave soul lost his life in the battle, but even more monsters were permanently removed from our realm.

As they fought their way into the buildings, some of the warriors found the prisoner chained to a couple posts. His name was Monroe. Monroe said that he had been sleeping at a campsite over by the mountains when he was abruptly awoken. The Gazers zapped him with a paralyze spell, and then transported him to where they now were in the maze.

The warriors transported Monroe to Yew and then to Trinsic. Monroe offered them his savings but in the true spirit of a Great Lord, Lord SnakeEyes, one of his saviors, said that Monroe should keep his gold. Valor, Compassion, and Honor all in just a few minutes - how often dost thou see that? Well done!