1998-03-26: Pact Brings Money To Minoc, Weapons To Yew

Catskills Edition

Pact Brings Money To Minoc, Weapons To Yew

Author: Xarot Korlin Published: March 26, 1998

Minoc - -There is no place in Yew to forge weapons. Or for that matter armor. Or any other metal objects. You see, Yew is a city without a blacksmith. Famed throughout the land for it’s woods, it’s woodworking, it’s bowyers, it’s fletchers, and the crops that grow in and around it.

This is what caused the Council of Yew to decide to sign a pact with a blacksmith in Minoc. The blacksmith in question is none other than Duma, the famed owner and chief smith of the Forgery, a well known blacksmith’s shop in Minoc. Duma will be supplying the city of Yew with weapons and armor for the local guards.

The pact should mean a boon of income for the city of Minoc. Duma’s pact will allow him to pay top dollar for ore brought in from the minors, as well as paying other local blacksmith’s to help him prepare all the items in question. Not to mention the warriors and mercenaries who will have to be hired to guard the caravan on it’s way to Yew.

Duma intends to send out the first caravan on Monday. Anyone interested in the job should go see Duma, or his assistant Amaro in Minoc at the Forgery.