1998-06-15: Orcs Block Caravan Passage

Catskills Edition

Orcs Block Caravan Passage

Author: Mylor Published: June 15, 1998

I was on my way to pay tribute to the Shadow Clan Orcs(I fear them so) When I heard the Cryers call out to all the Warriors that Several Caravans had been trapped in the mountain pass near Shame. Another band of Orcs had blocked the Passage way to the mountain pass with boulders, these rocks looked as if they were blown off the mountainside. Warrior and Mage gathered and to my surprise the Shadow Clan was there as well. Orc and human fighting side by side against a wicked clan of Orc. Movement was harsh with the rocks of the mountain all in the road. I managed to reach the pass just in time to see several merchants meet an untimely death at the hands of the Orcs. The Orcs seemed enraged as they threw the merchants items about the ground not even caring about the good they usually love so. We fought for what seemed like days pushing further and further into the pass until I saw what was driving the Orcs. UO:Covered in war paint stood an Orc War Captain, bodies strewn about his feet as his axe cut a clean path through the warriors. I counted ten to die before the warriors surrounded him and beat him down. The other Orcs fled after this and headed to the Shadow Clan Fort where the battle continued. The Orcs were easily dispatched and Victory was ours. Orc Clan and human fighting side by side. Who would have thought such a thing? Hmm, and they still won’t let me in the fort.