1998-06-25: Zog Cabalists Battle Against Loyal Citizens of Trinsic

Global Edition

Zog Cabalists Battle Against Loyal Citizens of Trinsic

Author: Caitlin Elopidat Published: June 25, 1998

Trinsic -- The news traveled quickly through the streets of Trinsic, even faster than CrawWorth could spread it himself. The Zog Cabal had been seen. At least two members of the elusive cult had been spotted transporting supplies from the forest north of Trinsic to an unknown location. As soon as the word reached the streets the good citizens reacted.

As he has had to do so many times before, CrawWorth, no longer the captain of the Trinsic guard but still a loyal citizen, rallied every available man and woman to march into the forests in search of the elusive Cabalists. His instinct was right, at least in this case, because the Zog were found just minutes outside of Trinsic's main gate. But they were not alone.

Hordes of orcs, ettins, and ogres awaited the growing crowd, thronged with warriors and mages, ready to test their mettle against these legions of evil doers who have been responsible for at least two deaths so far. It appears as though the cabal had enlisted the aid of the humanoid creatures to help them move their supplies from an unknown location somewhere between Trinsic and Britain to a new location, another mysteriously unseen fortress.

It is suspected, by CrawWorth and his cronies at least, that the Cabal has several unknown locations from which they conduct their business. A few months ago CrawWorth traveled to Ocllo because of an anonymous tip that informed him of one of their hidden lairs. It's no secret that Juo'nar had a childhood home on the isle of Ocllo, and it's possible that this was one of the Zog's meeting places.

Even more frightening is the rumor that the Zog Cabal has a base on the same southern isle that houses the shrine of Honor. Such proximity to a beautiful and sacred place causes chills to run down the spine of all who consider the implications.

The Cabalists who were discovered (various reports have their number listed between 2 and 5) were hearty opponents, and destroyed many before being dispatched themselves. Many witnesses claim that they made reference to CrawWorth as being a fool for believing he could even begin to challenge their might. Another, fouler rumor, was overheard at one of the bars in Trinsic. That rumor was that at least one of the Cabalists implied that Winslow was a friend to the Cabal, and would never let CrawWorth live with the information he holds.

It is known that the Cabalists were truly amazing when they decided to fight. It took literaly tens of men to best each one of them. It is not known how they fought for so long against such overwhelming odds, but it is for sure that they fought with more strength than any one man should be able to possess.

What is the real truth? Perhaps no one knows. But if Winslow is involved with this Cabal, then can any of us be safe? And perhaps it's just a rumor. Or perhaps the Cabal has planted this rumor on purpose, to make us doubt one of our truly respectable sources of information.