1998-06-29: The Eye Of Dahsk Recovered

Pacific Edition

The Eye Of Dahsk Recovered

Author: Genn Wintord Published: June 29, 1998

After almost a week, with no trace of the thieves, the missing courtesan of the Sultan was spotted in Jhelom. The rumor eventually reached the ears of Ben Kahns, who told the news to some of his tavern regulars. Upon hearing the news the Lady Demandred and the Lord Phoenix immediately set forth to seek the thieves.

On the northernmost isle of Jhelom, in the deep jungle that remains wild and untouched by axe and saw, a house was found, within was one of the thieves, the courtesan Helena.. and the remnants of Aleyh Jaskinor, the hapless Vizier who stole the Eye. He had been ritually dismembered in a horrific fashion, blood splattered the walls of the house where his pieces lay in a bizarre pattern.

The murderer Helena fell quickly to the attack of Phoenix, who threw a firewall quickly, before she could react. As she fell a vial of poison dropped from her hand, apparently she had been planning suicide rather than capture. And within her pack lay the marvelous Eye of Dahsk!

The site of Aleyh’s murder and Helena’s suicide Demandred quickly took the gem back to Ben Kahns, and subsequently a brusque guard visited them. The guard took the Eye, examining it carefully and suspiciously, and then slapped a reward of 1,000 gold down, before leaving. Shortly afterwards, though, a vizier of the Sultan, Marsett, dropped in, and gave credit where credit was due.

Profusely thanking the duo, Marsett also rewarded them with masks to wear to the Festival, which has been set for Saturday, June 27th, at 6:00pm PST. He also promised that they would be the “Honored heroes of the Festival.” Thus the evening had a most pleasant conclusion.

We hope to see everyone at the Festival of Masks! Your roving reporter will surely be there.