1998-07-03: Lecture With Grandmaster Smith Draws Large Crowd

Lake Superior Edition

Lecture With Grandmaster Smith Draws Large Crowd

Author: Wyrn Matyl Published: July 3, 1998

Another presentation in the Moonglow Lycaeum’s lecture series was completed earlier this week. This past Tuesday evening, the Lycaeum’s guest speaker was Lady Zanne, a well-respected citizen of the Lake Superior shard and a Grandmaster Blacksmith. Zanne’s Grandmaster status came after nearly seven months of hard work and literally thousands of ingots of hand-crafted armour and weapons.

Zanne’s lecture covered the basics of becoming a successful smith. She also answered the questions she says people most often ask her. After the lecture, Zanne made herself available to the audience for an impromptu question and answer session that lasted well into the evening.

Zanne says she was impressed by the turnout for the event and would love to host the lecture again for those who might have missed it in a few weeks.

“Look for good things to be coming from the Lycaeum," said Seer Maverick, the organizer of many Lycaeum events and lectures, "We really want the Lycaeum to start being used as it was intended, as a place where all of the folk of Britainnia can journey for intellectual stimulation and general knowledge of the world around them. The lecture series seems to be proving to us that there are people thirsty for knowledge out there, and we aim to do the best we can to quench that thirst. We also realize that the Lycaeum could be a good place for those new to Britainnia to learn the basic survival skills for our land, and we want to work at passing that knowledge to those who need it.”

Look for upcoming discussions from some of Britainnia’s longtime tradespeople and knowledgeable citizens. Keep reading the Town Cryer for advance notice of when the next lectures are to be held.

Grandmaster Blacksmith Lady Zanne answers questions from the audience after the conclusion of her lecture on blacksmith techniques.