1999-01-14: Officials Chosen for the FoA Trial

Global Edition

Officials Chosen for the FoA Trial

Author: Genn Wintord Published: January 14, 1999

Initial steps were taken today to prepare for the coming trial of the Leader of the Followers of Armageddon. Lord British ’s spokesperson, Halston Montil, announced today that Judge Winton Arlis was appointed to hear the case. Judge Arlis brings over thirty years experience at the bench. Montil stated, “Judge Arlis’ record of jurisprudence speaks for itself. We are confident he will conduct a thorough and just trial, in full accordance with the laws of our land.”

Montil also announced today the appointment of the counsels for both the defense and the prosecution. Surprising to no Court insiders, Lord Julius Darnell was named as the Prosecution for the State. Lord Darnell has, as yet, an unbroken string of ninety-seven successful prosecutions, and is famed for his flamboyant style.

In a surprise move, however, Montil announced that local Skara Braen lawyer Grant Adams was named as the Counsel for the Defense. Adams, 29, is young, but very experienced, with forty-eight successful defenses in his name—including the infamous “Red Arrow Murder” trial—but has never handled a Capital crime case to date. Montil said, “Given the sensitive political nature of this trial, Lord British decided it best to broaden the search for the best lawyer to defend the FoA leader beyond the traditional pool of Realm Barristers. The State’s intention is to assure that a fair, vigorous, and unbiased defense is given in this matter. Mr. Adams was viewed as the best candidate to meet these criteria, and has embroiled himself into the case with the utmost of enthusiasm.”

Montil also declared that as soon as Discovery was completed (a process he hoped would be done within a week), subpoenas would be sent out to witnesses to events. Among those expected to be summoned are Sir Geoffrey and Mariah of Moonglow. Montil finished with the announcement that while the trials would be closed to the public for reasons of security, a rotating member of the press would be allowed to bear witness to events. “Our absolute intention,” Montil concluded, “is that the public has full view and record of all that transpires, and that the questions that have plagued us for so long as finally answered to the satisfaction of all.”

A small demonstration by pro-FoA Citizens was conducted in front of the King’s castle in Britain this afternoon protesting the continued incarceration of the FoA Leader, but no violence was reported at the rally.