1999-01-15: Undead Disturbance In Paxlair

Chesapeake Edition

Undead Disturbance In Paxlair

Author: Vincent de l’os Published: January 15, 1999

It started out simple enough. A blue skeleton had been spotted from time to time in the northern woods, near Paxlair. It seemed relatively harmless, even peaceful, and also spoke of wishing to be released from something. After a time, many began to suspect that there was not just one skeleton, but many.

On the evening of this Wednesday past, proof was finally found that indeed, multiple of these so-called “lost ones” exist. In fact, they began to run amok near the Paxlair Tower, attacking any innocent by-standers that happened to be there. They appeared to be looking for something, and yet when confronted, they ran towards the south.

As several brave souls gave chase, the sight that they were greeted by was one to shock even the most hardened of adventurers. In the woods stood a strangely colored moongate, oddly named “Suicide Device”. Surrounding it, amongst the bones and blood-spills, were a multitude of blue-robed individuals, and more of the strange skeletal beings. They instantly took to combat, viciously defending this apparent gate of death.

At first, many brave warriors and mages fell in their effort to uncover the mystery of what had been transpiring. Eventually reinforcements were called, and the lost ones and these people-cultists for lack of a better word- were finally defeated. But who and what were they? There weren’t many clues, except for books that were carried by the robed menaces, appearing to be a set of instructions for their activities, but the ambiguities made it difficult to tell what they were up to.

After speaking to several eye-witnesses, I managed to discover that there had been some evidence of a strange cult, a group known only as “The Order of the Blue Skull". No one knows what their goals are, or who they are, or what they have been doing. Somehow they are linked to the Suffering Stone, and a small "hideout” of sorts that was discovered in the mountains. Their work can be identified by the blue skulls they have left at each of these locations.

No one knows much about them, except that Zaine the Lurker, the blue ghost that appears for short periods of time, has spoken of them, and somehow the lost ones that are encountered in the woods are involved.

Shortly after taking eye-witness accounts, I managed to speak to Seer Garak, who claims to have been investigating the Order for a time. According to him, the Order is up to no good, but he has yet to collect much proof beyond these sites that have already been uncovered. He is currently trying to decipher the meaning of the text contained in books that have been found at these sites, and he has left copies for others to make their own copies of for their own studies. These copies may show Seer Garak as the author, but the text is always signed by the original author, shown only as “L”. I have also been told that the Paxliar Library maintains copies of these books for study as well.

At this time, all Britannians are welcome to aid in this mystery, as so far there is little known, and much to learn.