1999-02-03: The Runaway Bride

Catskills Edition

The Runaway Bride

Author: Tris Tamlin Published: February 3, 1999

Is much of Trinsic’s high society was preparing for the undoubtedly lavish spectacle of Lady Elizabeth Dratlin’s marriage to Todd Jral of Minoc, an interesting twist has taken place. As John Dratlin, father to the bride-to-be, renowned smith and friend to some of the most influential men in the land, was working out some of the final details of the wedding, his daughter went missing. A small divining from a local Seer indicated that Elizabeth had left town in the direction of Britain—in the direction of her forbidden love’s location. Oh, the scandal!With the life of his daughter—and perhaps more importantly his family’s standing within the pinnacles of society at stake—Lord Dratlin decided to handle things quietly by hiring out some local adventurers to fetch her. Not so surprising to those of us who have seen these dandies preening at the local banks on a daily basis, Lord Dratlin was able to find a likely group on the bank steps. It has been reported that Lord Dratlin convinced a group of about a dozen would-be-adventurers to begin a search of the area along the main road leading from [[UO:Trinsic]] to Britain. Only a Noble could order such a thing and possibly expect such a small group to cover this huge area in a short time.

As the adventurers left town, the story became more interesting for those of us in town anyway... It seems that Lord Dratlin did not verify with the local constabulary that the house he rented was indeed one that was up for rent leading to an awkward situation when the rightful owner returned home. A Mistress Katelynn is reported to have returned to find Lord Dratlin waiting in her bedroom—Imagine her surprise! Lord Dratlin agreed to leave after a great deal of arguing about rental deeds and the disciplining of children. This reporter found this “rental deed" near the house in question and it was an obvious forgery. When reached for comment concerning the rental, Lord Dratlin replied, "How was I to know it was a forgery? It is shameful that such criminal acts are left unpunished in Trinsic!”.

Meanwhile, the search for his daughter was continuing. After many hours, the hired adventurers returned with the news that although they had found his daughter, they had chosen to escort her to her love in Britain instead of returning her as her father requested. Lord Dratlin was reportedly very upset and has since stated, “I will not allow the farce of a marriage between my daughter and that fop in Britain. I have already petitioned the King for an annulment of the marriage". Lord Dratlin contends that an infatuation with adventure has led his daughter to this end. "She is the light of my life, but God bless her, she has no sense where her feelings are concerned!. Todd Jral was and is a fine choice for husbands”.

When Lord Dratlin called Elizabeth’s new husband Tarle Sonter a fop I had thought it was just an exaggeration, but after talking to the man I would have to say that on this at least, Lord Dratlin is right. If a mirror had been in the room I have my doubts that he would have even taken the time to do anything but stare at himself. As for the new Mrs Tarle Sonter, she is as bright and beautiful as ever. In her recounting of the tale I would say she spent just a little too much time talking about her escorts from The Order of the Griphons and The Unsung Heroes—particularly a Kyle Duskwalker. If her husband hadn’t been so busy posing for those who walked by, I think he may have gotten a bit jealous hearing the tale.

The jilted groom, Todd Jral, could not be reached for comment.