1999-02-19: The Disappearance Of Gaella

Catskills & Chesapeake Editions

The Disappearance Of Gaella

Author: Jeremy Green Published: February 19, 1999

This evening in the fair city of Paxlair an odd occurrence took place that left many people baffled and grasping for answers. The abduction of an old gypsy lady, by the name Gaella; a woman who supposedly found immortality through a curse long ago.

The scene started with the gypsy lady wandering into town muttering about darkness and death. Many at first dismissed her words and thought little of her. Until, that is, she began to mention Alanna, a troubled young woman who went missing the week before. This drew quite a gathering of concerned people as many sought to save Alanna from her fate.

A number of citizens described Gaella’s demeanor at the time as nervous and edgy. As if she were waiting for something to occur. Perhaps the arrival of Draesot, a known servant of Mazrim, could be accounted for such.

His unexpected appearance, flanked by two of the foul creations known as soulslaves, only lead to an odd chain of events that passed all too quickly. Many of the gathered citizens stood idly by watching as Draesot ordered the slaves to grab Gaella and hold her firmly within their clutches. A few witnesses claimed to have seen a slight ripple in the air before both the gypsy and slaves vanished from sight. To where? None can really be certain.

Before he himself slid into the nothingness which brought him, Mazrim’s servant actually offered a humble apology for interrupting anything which may have been going on at the time. As well he asked that a message be given to Gwendolyn, a resident of Paxlair, “Tell Gwen that I shall gather our debt at a later time.”

It was well known that Gwen gave up her soul to appease Gaella’s anger when Alanna slid from her grasp. Does this now mean that her life force is bound to Mazrim? And what of the gypsy’s fate?