1999-03-22: Lord British Addresses The Town Councils

Atlantic Edition

Lord British Addresses The Town Councils

Author: Nicholas Tamark Published: March 22, 1999

While strolling through the Counselor’s Hall on Serpent’s Hold last eve, I spied two figures speaking quietly in the center of the room. As I continued on my way, I realized one of the figures was covered in a green robe. A Seer! I backed into the shadows, curious as to what was being discussed.

As I watched these two converse about trivial issue, others started to arrive. The Seer even opened a gate for many of them to arrive. I knew not who these people were, but they were dressed in the finest garb. Something was definitely happening here, and I was determined to find out what.

Under the Seer’s direction, the group divided up based on their dress and positioned themselves below me, toward the back of the room. The Seer walked to the table in front of the room, and announced, much to my surprise: “Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the councils...Your lord and liege, Lord British!”

The king walked in, with a guard in tow, and greeted Seer Nikademus warmly. Nikademus then proceeded to introduce the town councils of Britain, Rivendell, Trinsic, and Yew to the king. I watched in stunned silence as the king warmly greeted the heads of each council, along with heroes and scholars that I’ve only known by name until that moment. Among those present were Saurun, Emerald, Ce’Nedra Willow, Zym Dragon, Orchid, Nickola, Gargish Dragon, Thrawn, Dayel Stormcrow, Silver Dryad, Keuldan Vraal, Sagramore, Draconis, Xena Dragon, Marcus... to list a few. Each council presented Lord British with a gift: clothes, master-crafted armor, and fruit and wines from their towns.

After the introductions, the king addressed them, his words bringing dread to my heart. He addressed the trouble brewing between [[UO:Trinsic]] and Yew, and did so on behalf of the concerned Merchants of Rivendell. He spoke of the visions that have been troubling him of late, and how, when told of the problems between his towns, one of the visions became clear to him.

“One that came into focus though, when I heard of thy plight, was that the wrong doing is not at the hands of any here nor of any of thy ilk. To be certain, ’tis an outside agent of some sort. I can say that with supreme certainty, but I cannot divine the source. It shall be up to thee to determine those who try to sabotage thy works, But the rift between thee only furthers their cause. So I strongly suggest ye put such behind ye and seek to discover thy true enemy. And to begin this...I would pardon Vice-Mayor Nickola [of Trinsic], who had no part in what she was accused.”

This caused quite a still among the councils, as the prisoner found guilty of murder was set free, and rejoined her fellow councilmen.

Lord British then put Seer Nikademus at the councils’ disposal, to aid in the search for this secret organization. He warned that this matter should be quickly taken care of, lest they be faced with both this evil, and the trouble brewing in Buccaneer’s Den. The king then took his leave, headed to Jhelom to settle some farmers’ dispute over an animal.

The councils seemed both relieved and embarrassed that the accusations they threw at each other turned out false. Apologies were made by each side, and they all quickly departed to the Serpent’s Cross Tavern to celebrate and also to plan how to uncover this secret organization.