1999-04-08: Vicious Pirate Captain Attacks From Beyond Grave

Baja Edition

Vicious Pirate Captain Attacks From Beyond Grave

Author: Bernward Woodstein Published: April 8, 1999

It was a traditionally peaceful evening on the Isle of Magincia when the word broke that a large band of pirates and cutthroats had landed ships north of the city in preparation for a raid. The townspeople were notified and a militia was soon formed, including volunteers from all over the land streaming out of the moongate in dozens.

The first wave of pirates, estimated to number thirty or more tore into the defenders. With some assistance from the town guard the first wave was cut down fairly quickly. A few brave scouts went further north and only their ghosts returned to warn of a second wave of pirates led by a man named One Eyed Swain. Swain, later identified as the first mate of the crew, was quite a leader and organized the second wave to be much stronger.

Moonglow resident Rorik Shayle, who was born and raised on the island of Magincia rallied the defenders and they entered battle with the second wave. Led by Locke of the Protectors of the Dragon, this unit decimated the pirate ranks though they suffered heavy losses.

When Swain caught sight of Rorik Shayle, he called out for their captain, Davy Jones. The mere sight of the captain sent shivers through the defenders’ ranks. The captain was no pirate, at least not any more. His algae soaked bones gleamed in the moonlight and his eyes burned with a blood red light. The captain began to cry out to Shayle, “I want me statue, Shayle” and repeatedly demanded it be returned.

It was a long battle and finally the undead captain and his first mate were put to rest. The defenders found a strange and intriguing treasure map which is sure to lead to the hidden treasure of the evil pirate.

Once everyone had been restored and healed, the defenders began to question Rorik Shayle as to the meaning of the pirate’s pleas. The prominent merchant explained that he had once purchased a statue, an ancient artifact from a lost age, from the pirate many years before. His offer had been fair enough to the pirate, drunk at the time, but that on sobering up the vile captain had demanded a better price. As the years passed by, word came to Rorik that Jones had died at sea and he had ceased to worry about it.

Rorik took the defenders to his home in the city of Moonglow to view the statue.

There have been no more sightings of pirates off the coast of Magincia, though many residents fear what may lie ahead.