1999-04-09: Caravan Under Siege

Atlantic Edition

Caravan Under Siege

Author: Gilbert Von Deen Published: April 9, 1999

A bold attack on a caravan happened outside of Skara Brae today. Brigands ambushed the caravan on its way to Britain. Hetarra, the merchant leading the caravan, had the presence of mind to hire guards for the trek. The brigands did manage to kill two of her pack animals despite the large number of guards. When asked why she was traveling with so many guards, Hetarra declined to answer.

This is not the first incident when brigands have accosted travelers on the road, but it is the first to have this level of planning. It seems that well over 50 brigands participated in the attack. When asked what was so tempting to them in her wares, Hetarra again declined comment.

“I was just walking by and was assaulted," says one resident of Skara Brae who chooses to remain anonymous. "When is safe passage between Britannia’s cities going to be a matter of priority? I pay my taxes and am constantly assaulted by murderers.”

Her question is one that many may ask as several citizens not in the caravan were injured in the assault.

“I can’t say as I truly mind," said Grulaff, a mercenary making his home in Skara Brae, "If these brigands keep at it then I shall be making a fine living.”