1999-04-12: Private Drepler Apprehended, Yet Questions Remain

Catskills Edition

Private Drepler Apprehended, Yet Questions Remain

Author: Genn Wintord Published: April 12, 1999

Less than a week after publicly announcing a realm-wide search for the fugitive Private Drepler (previously of the Cove Guard), the man was apprehended in Britain—but don’t let that fool you—the capture was more a matter of luck than of skill. It seems that the fugitive had been hit by a poisoned orcish arrow and soon after made his way through a swamp resulting in an infection that was strangely resistant to the known forms of healing. The local healer on duty at the time, a man by the name of Nigel, put out the call for anyone willing and able to travel to Moonglow to seek the aid of a scholar at the Lycaeum.

By happenstance, one man decided that he ought to inform those at the castle in case they had someone there who either knew of a cure or knew someone learned in such matters. This man, who called himself Shadow Demon, found Lieutenant Wendell along with his escort in the barracks of the castle, but was initially unable to enlist their aid. Following his departure, the court mage assigned to the Lieutenant apparently convinced Sir Wendell that a quick visit to the healers would not interfere with their duties.

Pushing through the crowd which packed the small building, the men arrived just in time to see the healer smear some type of thick liquid on the neck and forehead of a man with decidedly green tint to his skin. As the sickly man began to stir, Lieutenant Wendell was said to have become still for a moment as he studied the man and then said:

“That is the traitor we seek! Guards, arrest him!”

This of course caused quite a stir among those in attendance. Many heeded the orders of the guards to stand back, but a greater number stood still in a state of shock while the more bold among them questioned the reasons behind such an arrest. Drepler, perhaps seeing his life flashing before his eyes for the second time in one night, attempted to flee but collapsed just outside the doors. The court mage in attendance then transported the sick man to the castle as Lieutenant Wendell informed the healer that his services would be required at the castle to complete the care of the prisoner.

As all this was going on many citizens continued to shout of questions concerning the charges as well as the happenings at Cove which caused this search for Private Drepler. The Lieutenant patiently answered questions for a few minutes while the Mage Jebidiah was seen talking to the man who had brought the required blackmoor and garlic to save the dying man. It is unknown what was exchanged between the mage and this man calling himself Trixter as neither was willing to comment.

The circumstances of his capture gave us some clues as to his whereabouts in the past weeks (which were later confirmed by His Majesty’s officials). It seems that in the final minutes of the retaking of Cove, the orcs with whom the Private had made his arrangements saw their imminent defeat and decided to take out their fury on the man who put them in this situation. Realizing his peril, Pt Drepler fled in a waiting orcish boat but not before being hit in the lower thigh by a poisoned arrow.

His boat leaking and his body suffering from the effects of the poison, Pt Drepler got no farther than the short trip across Lock Bay where his boat was found following his arrest. Apparently in a state of confusion, he then made his way into the swamps which can be found to the north and south of the boat’s position where unknown substances were introduced to his ill-bandaged arrow wound. He was found a week later by a local resident and received care from this resident until it was clear that the private was not getting any better, at which time Pt Drepler’s care was taken over by the Britain healers.

When the abandoned boat was search, a tattered note was found in the hold. This note seemed to indicate that someone in [[UO:Trinsic]] was involved although the Noble’s seal attached to the note seems to be the seal of a long dead house which lived in [[UO:Trinsic]] a short time before moving to Britain where all traces of the house were lost.

Sources within the government have also informed us of a couple more details which were not released. The first is that earlier investigations of the area have turned up two half completed docks (one in Lost Hope Bay and the other in Lock Bay). Permits for which have not been found, nor have investigators been able to find the men who funded the projects. Second, we have learned that General Jetrin Valek has petitioned Sir Geoffrey to be reassigned to [[UO:Trinsic]] in order to finish up this investigation.

When asked concerning the trial of Pt Drepler, officials responded that this was a military affair and that the public would not be given access to any proceedings. What this means for [[UO:Trinsic]] and the realm as a whole is not entirely clear at this point. Details will follow as the direction of this investigation becomes more evident.