1999-04-16: Upraising of Undeads

Global Edition

Upraising of Undeads

Author: Gilbert Von Deen Published: April 16, 1999

A dark evil has entered the land. Hordes of undead tried to take over the Hedge Maze this evening. They seemed to arrive out of nowhere and attacked all those that entered. Some people claimed to see Liche Lords or mysterious color. Many brave souls died in the attempt to rid the land of this menace. Yet in there dyeing breaths all claimed they would return.

“I brought many a brave soul back from the dead this eve,” said Alfred a healer who wandered into the area. “Something must be done about this foul menace.”

“I am very worried about the recent uprisings of undead in our land,” said a highly placed mage in Moonglow who wishes to remain anonymous. “This could be a sign of great evil to come.”