1999-04-18: The Fire Sky

Catskills & Chesapeake Editions

The Fire Sky

Author: Galen Solstarre Published: April 18, 1999

Many days ago, while studying the stars at the telescope in Moonglow, I observed a fiery object tracing a path through the night sky. Further investigation revealed that not only was this object headed directly towards Sosaria, but it was large enough that some small part of it might endure the fall to Britannia. As soon as possible, I informed the Moonglow Council of Honesty of my discovery and asked for their aid in investigating the object.

It fell in the jungle slightly west of the Shrine of Honor. Many interested citizens came to help investigate and when we arrived at the location strange red mutant creatures attacked us. (Incredibly strong lizardmen and powerful spell casting slimes!) After the battle, we discovered a glowing red meteorite and I noticed that the ground nearby was covered with scattered bits of strange substances such as Brimstone and Obsidian. In addition, the meteorite radiated some type of energy that burned all who approached it. I believe this energy is what mutated the lizardmen and slimes that we battled. In order to prevent more creatures from being mutated by the meteorite, we decided to try to move it to a safer location. After several skilled miners failed in all attempts to move the meteorite, the bard June suggested that I use the failed moongate devices from my lab roof to contain it. (These blasted devices generate energy fields instead of creating moongates as I had intended.) I retrieved the devices from my lab and then used them to surround the meteorite.

Now that the meteor is contained, I believe it may be safely studied without further fear of its strange energies mutating more creatures. Who knows what we may learn from this opportunity to study an object from beyond our world? There is no limit to the secrets it may reveal to us, if we can but unravel the mysteries contained within it.

Galen Solstarre