1999-04-19: Ogre Warlord Takes On Shadowclan Orcs

Catskills Edition

Ogre Warlord Takes On Shadowclan Orcs

Author: Bythane Published: April 19, 1999

As the sun rose this morning a plan was set afoot. An Ogre Warlord gathered troops and headed to claim victory over the Shadow Clan orcs. As the orcs slept in peaceful bliss the Ogre Warlord over took the fort with his army. The few orc guards that were there were dispatched quickly as the trolls and ogre danced with glee over their easy victory over the great Shadow Clan.

News traveled fast as orc and warrior alike gathered and fought the waves of troll and ogre warriors. Gaining ground the orcs could see the fort once again coming under their control. The battled raged on as the orcs pushed ever closer to the fort they that held so dear.

Enraged at the lack of organization of his troops the Ogre Warlord burst through the fort walls and took it upon himself to end the orcs rule over this area of land. His Strength and magic where at first too great for the orcs as they fell under his smashing blows. Orc and warrior alike fell to the Warlords bloodlust. The orcs regrouped and struck back casting spell after spell at the Warlord some even risked their lives by facing the massive opponent head on in hand to hand combat, all this for the honor of their clan. In a massive group effort the warriors and orcs cut down the warlord, and again the orcs ruled the fort and the lands around it. Although orcs, the Shadow Clan is quite organized and prepared for almost any assault. I would be wary if ye wish to attack such a great force as the Shadow Clan.