1999-04-21: The Roads are Not Safe!

Global Edition

The Roads are Not Safe!

Author: Gilbert Von Deen Published: April 21, 1999

Due to the less then frequent travel on Britannia's roads, a large brigand population has flourished. The popularity of using moongates and recall spell to travel this great land rather then going by foot or on horseback, has created a dangerous environment on the roads between our cities. It seems as though the criminals outnumber the citizens on all the roads. Recently a caravan traveling from Skara Brae to Britain was attacked almost continually. The caravan had hired guards but was still overcome by the tyranny. This reporter is making a challenge to all those citizens who claim to be brave and who fight for justice. If you truly value the virtues of our land, then travel along the roads. The strong presence of heroes on the roads will make a brigand think twice before attacking everyone who walks by.