1999-04-23: Explore the Culinary Landscape

Global Edition

Explore the Culinary Landscape

Author: Gilbert Von Deen Published: April 23, 1999

Where is everyone? Is it just me or is there an increasing lack of interest in the finer eating establishments of our great land? It seems that every time I venture about to all those hidden little eateries, those out of the way places you hear folks talking about, no one is there. Now I know that a good amount of gold went into building these fine establishments, but I cannot imagine how they stay open. Oh, when these posh restaurants and taverns were new you could not get a reservation for a table. Yet once the hype died down it seems the customers have died down as well. I challenge you good readers, get out in the world and see these fine spots! I know you will not be disappointed in the fine fare and finer service.Leave the comfort of the guarded cities and venture to an eatery with a little more style and something spicier on the menu. I guarantee you will not be sorry if you do!