1999-04-24: Crossroads Under Attack

Global Edition

Crossroads Under Attack

Author: Gilbert Von Deen Published: April 24, 1999

I was walking from Skara Brae to Britain this night when up ahead on the road I heard a great clamor. Being a cautious reporter and not a great warrior, I snuck into the forest and hid behind a tree. What I saw transpire was most distressing. Armed men with a murderous gleam in their eyes streamed out of no where and attacked everyone in site. These were the band of brigands that I have reporter to you before. Their numbers seemed inexhaustible. A new twist to this tail, and one of grave consequence to our land, was that these brigands appeared to be helped by some powerful mages. This dark alliance can only foretell grave things. I snuck away from the melee and ran to town, telling my friend the town crier to spread the news. I hope he got the word to enough brave souls. These attacks seem to be getting bolder and bolder and I shudder to think what can happen next.