1999-04-29: Trinsic Under Attack!

Global Edition

Trinsic Under Attack!

Author: Gilbert Von Deen Published: April 29, 1999

A strange illness took over the Trinsic guard recently. Nigel the Healer says they all contracted food poisoning. The antidote for the poison was difficult to track down and most of the Trinsic guards were unable to perform their duties.

During the food poisoning episode an army of orcs descended on Trinsic. They seemed to appear out of nowhere and attacked all the citizens they came across. The streets of Trinsic where covered in blood and corpses. People were screaming for the guards to help them, but alas none were able to come.

“It took us over an hour to discover the type of poisoned used,” said Nigel. “We finally did discover the source and developed the antidote but this whole affair has cost many lives.”

The poison was traced to a bunch of chickens that the guard mess officer purchased from a merchant named Gregor. A bounty has been placed on Gregor and the Trinsic guard is seeking information regarding his whereabouts.

It seems obvious to this reporter that Gregor is in league with the orcs. I have heard talk among the Trinsic elders that an army will be raised to attack the Orc Fort. More on this as details develop.