1999-05-02: Mongbats Everywhere!

Global Edition

Mongbats Everywhere!

Author: Gilbert Von Deen Published: May 2, 1999

For reasons unknown, the mongbat population has increased dramatically around the dungeon Covetous. Alfred of Yew, a ranger in the town's employ had this to say: “Well, it ‘tis Spring and them mongbats are fast breeders. Me guess is not enough people are hunting them and this has caused what ye might call a population explosion.”

It took a large group of Britain citizens to quell this recent outbreak of mongbat activity. Gallen, a mercenary making his home outside of Skara Brae, said “We kept cutting them down and they kept a coming. I lost count of the number of those buggers I killed. It must have been over fifty, and when I left they were still fighting them.”

According to Alfred the only thing to prevent this occurring again is to continually hunt mongbat. “That way ye keep their numbers low.”