1999-05-15: Moonglow Under Attack!

Global Edition

Moonglow Under Attack!

Author: Gilbert Von Deen Published: May 15, 1999

Evil mages attacked the town of Moonglow this afternoon. Some how they cast a dark spell on the guards and had free reign over the city. They would have at least if it were not for the brave heroes of Britannia. The citizens took it on themselves to rid the city of the evil magic users.

This attack is yet another example of the dark arts at work. This reporter wonders whether or not something truly evil awaits.

“We don’t know what they want,” said Malcolm of the Lyceum. “These untoward mages have been up to some foul deeds for sometime. What there ultimate goal is, we can only speculate.”

I suppose we will just have to wait in see what is in store for fair Britannia. I hope our citizens are equal to the task of repealing whatever evil awaits.