1999-05-20: Darkness Crossed The Britain Crossroads

Napa Valley & Pacific Editions

Darkness Crossed The Britain Crossroads

Author: Night Shade Published: May 20, 1999

Hail to thee travelers! Earlier this evening as I was walking along the path from Skara Brae to Britain I came along a few undead. As I continued walking further almost near the mountain pass, I had found plenty more. It seems that something had stirred them and they were out trying to claim their area. None spoke of why they were there, but there were brave warriors there protecting their land from these evil undead trying to take our land we tend over.

When I say that there were a decent amount.. I mean that there was a decent amount. They were coming quite close to over taking the living. Their army was quite large and the warriors had to pull back at times, but were able to conquer them. A few fell, but more of the undead had fallen. I wonder what could have possibly been done to cause their restlessness. Should we keep an eye open for more? Did somebody walk and curse over ones grave? Odd time it was while I was near. Take care citizens and let’s continue keeping the undead where they belong peacefully!