1999-05-29: Martial Law Declared In Trinsic

Catskills Edition

Martial Law Declared In Trinsic

Author: Genn Wintord Published: May 29, 1999

In the past week, things have moved quickly in Trinsic. General Valek arrived with little fanfare and immediately requested a meeting of the town council. At this meeting, the General announced that a respected member of the council was in fact a spy for an organization known as the Crimson Alliance. This man, a Noah Cloud, immediately left the room resulting in an order for his arrest. This is the point at which the interests of the two groups diverged.

Lord General Rutger Dag, head of the council, and the remaining members of the council were insistent upon a presentation of the evidence before an arrest, while General Valek refused to present evidence until a trial stating that he has no requirement to answer to the council. Such arguing became a moot point though following the arrest of Mr Cloud by guards under the command of General Valek.

Since this time, the now Lord General of Trinsic, General Valek, has declared martial law and has provided us with a copy of his orders from Sir Geoffrey which give his men the authority to post Order Guards at the town gates, to arrest without a warrant and to close down city locations among other things. So far, very little has changed for normal citizens of [[UO:Trinsic]] beyond the appearance of more guards on the streets.

The following is the official statement from General Valek:

Let me preface this with the fact that the declaration of martial law is both at the suggestion and insistence of Lord General Rutger Dag. If the Lord General had accepted his Majesty’s edict and dealt with the arrest of this traitor in the proper fashion, the declaration would not have been necessary.
With that said, I’d like to indicate that my Lieutenants got a bit carried away with the orders. This declaration is a formality needed to secure the proper authority to overcome certain members of the council who, to put it lightly, balk at the serving of justice. The laws of [[UO:Trinsic]] in regards to curfew and public drunkenness continue as they were in the days before and are still the responsibility of the town guards.
I have just returned from Britain where Sir Geoffrey has approved the declaration of martial law in [[UO:Trinsic]] as well as confirmed my command’s continuing mission to discover the truth behind all that went on concerning Cove. Noah Cloud has been moved from the local jail in order to forestall any “rash actions” and is well cared for in a safe location.
I am willing to forgive the unthinking actions of some citizens of [[UO:Trinsic]] in the past day. My mission is to discover the truth even when that truth leads to the arrest of a member of the council and that will not change. No man is above the law.
Lord General Jetrin Valek - Ranking Commander in Trinsic.