1999-06-04: A Matter Of Justice Or Chaos?

Catskills Edition

A Matter Of Justice Or Chaos?

Author: Genn Wintord Published: June 4, 1999

Just a week after his controversial arrest, Noah Cloud has been released by authorities on a lack of evidence related to his involvement with the happenings in Cove. This release does not, however, signal an end to the extraordinary matters in Trinsic. General Valek is still said to have the full support of the crown in doing all that he finds necessary. General Valek’s office released the following statement concerning this turn of events:

We had and continue to have no doubts concerning the fact that Noah Cloud is not what he purports to be. He is a member of the Crimson Alliance and no doubt has had a part in many illegal activities over the years. Unfortunately, being a member of such a group is not currently an offense we can prosecute. We also continue to believe that Mr Cloud had, at the very least, foreknowledge of the events in Cove although we cannot link him to any direct action at this time.

Meanwhile in [[UO:Trinsic]] the streets have gotten less, rather than more, safe since martial law was declared. The south gate has been blocked for large periods of time by an unsavory looking group while the Paladins have blockaded themselves within their compound attempting to survive assaults from members of the Crimson Alliance. When asked to comment on the increase in street crime General Valek responded:

“A great deal of these problems will be dealt with shortly. It is time that the dregs of [[UO:Trinsic]] society are dealt with in a manner that provides a lasting solution. To that end, Lady Sara Braccalese has been given permission to construct suitable permanent lodging for the criminal and other useless elements of this city. As for the paladins, Lord Rutger Dag was quick to discount our authority to police this city. We have withdrawn our protection from their compound and any problems they encounter there are ones they must deal with within their own means.”

Construction on a tent city along the north wall has already begun and several groups including artists, beggars and thieves have been forcefully moved there. Guard support in the area seemed half-hearted to this reporter.