1999-06-22: Lady Sara Braccalese Found Dead!

Catskills Edition

Lady Sara Braccalese Found Dead!

Author: Genn Wintord Published: June 22, 1999

The relative quiet of a town under martial law was shattered two nights ago by the sound of a woman’s scream. Shortly thereafter, General Valek himself along with an escort of two guards arrived at the scene (just east of the southwest bank) and declared the location off-limits. As the guards took the investigation in hand, it became clear that the victim was none other than the Lady Sara Braccalese.

Lady Braccalese had recently been involved in several efforts to improve the living conditions of those within and beyond the walls the Trinsic. It is unclear who would have a motive to kill such a well-known and friendly woman although there has been some discussion of an old feud between the Cornigans and the Braccalese. When asked about this connection between the victim and the murder location, one of the guards on the scene stated: “We are, of course, not ruling anything out but that connection is a point of interest.” The investigation teams asks that any persons having information pertaining to the crime report it to any Order Guard within town limits.

The location in question known as the Cornigan house, after the family that resides there, continues to be sealed despite the removal of the body. A cleaning crew was allowed in yesterday and remained inside for several hours. (text removed)* What this exactly signals is unclear.

Another interesting, but apparently unrelated, occurrence that happened the night of the murder is that General Valek ordered the local banks closed down for a short period of time while he awaited some documents. Shortly after having received a package of sealed documents from a Jason Smythe, the banker was found to be seeking escape from the city by any means possible. (text removed)* A 500 gold reward has been posted by General Valek for the return of Jason Smythe to Trinsic—reportedly dead or alive.

  • -removed on the orders of Lord General Jetrin Valek’s staff