1999-07-06: Paladins Evicted

Catskills Edition

Paladins Evicted

Author: Genn Wintord Published: July 6, 1999

The following is an official release from the military government of Trinsic:

By order of Lord General Jetrin Valek, the island containing the Paladin’s park, library, training hall and shrine is off limits to any and all until further notice. The treasonous actions of this island’s inhabitants has been noted and the charter allowing their use of the facilities in question is hereby revoked. Any persons offering shelter (within the town walls) to the Paladins will be investigated and if the situation warrants these people may be found to be co-conspirators.

Upon further questioning the General’s staff was not willing to fully explain these “treasonous” actions although they did provide a short list without explanations:

  • Attempting to countermand the arrest of a suspected criminal
  • Protecting a suspected criminal
  • Providing transport for the escape of a suspected criminal
  • Inciting rebellion against the officers of His Majesty