1999-07-13: ヴェネッサ(Venessa)復活!

Asuka, Hokuto, Wakoku, & Yamato Editions

ヴェネッサ(Venessa)復活! / Venessa Lives Again!

Author: Unknown author Published: July 13, 1999

「EvilMage達がデスタードで邪法を試みている」EvilMage達が都市侵攻を企てた女戦士、ヴェネッサ(Venessa)の蘇生を計画しているとの報せがあった。 レンジャーのレンフリー(Ranger Renfry)によると、デスタードの最深部には変色した魔方陣があり、それが完全に変色したときヴェネッサが復活するという。 報を聞き付けた勇士達がデスタードへ駆けつけたが、洞窟内にはEvilMageとBrigand、そして多数のドラゴンが行く手を阻み、蘇生の儀式を行なっているMage達の場所への到達は困難を極めた。

多数の犠牲者を出しながらもやっとの思いで勇者達が最深部へたどり着いた時には、魔方陣は完全に変色しヴェネッサは復活していた… 復活したヴェネッサの肌は鍾乳石のような青白く怪しい光りを放っていた。 ヴェネッサは「我を怨念の地から復活させし者どもよ、復讐の時は近し!」と呟きながらその場を去った... 勇者達よ、警戒せよ!

“Apparently the Evil Mages are attempting an evil experiment.”

We received information that the Evil Mages are trying to resurrect Venessa who attempted to invade the cities. According to Renfry the ranger, “tis said that there is a magic square which will begin to change its color in Dungeon Destard. If it is allowed to complete this color transformation, Venessa will be resurrected.”

The adventurers who heard and heeded this warning quickly headed to the dungeon in order to prevent the square’s transition. However they met strong resistance from the Evil Mages, as well as from brigands and many dragons. It was difficult just to reach the place where the Evil Mages were holding the ritual of resurrection.

Although it cost many lives, the adventurers finally reached the depths of the dungeon. However they were too late, the magic square had changed its color, and Venessa had returned! Her skin shone with a pale light as that from a stalactite.

She muttered as a warning to the adventurers

“The time for our revenge grows near!”

Then she vanished.