1999-09-29: Decorative Plates for the Recent Anniversary

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Decorative Plates for the Recent Anniversary

Author: Doyl Beita Published: September 29, 1999

It had been a long week, but I finally had a chance to relax a bit. I walked out to the Orchard with a bottle of wine and sank down against one of the apple trees. I poured myself a glass of wine, and then unrolled the blank parchment I brought along as well. Laying the parchment on the ground in front of me, I used some small rocks to hold it flat. I then removed a small box from my pouch and opened it. The many colors of the chalk within caught the sunlight, and I was unable to suppress a contented smile.

Ah.. it had been too long since I had done this. I spent the afternoon sipping wine and sketching.

As I added some red and white highlights to an apple below a tree in my drawing, I heard a voice calling my name.

“Master Doyl? Master Doyl?” One of the young apprentice tinkers, Greinel, came running up to me.

I cringed. Not only did I detest being called “Master Doyl,” but I feared my retreat was to be ended.

“Yes,” I replied. Oh, by way of an introduction, I am Doyl Beita, Head Royal Tinker.

“Master Doyl! Master Doyl!” Greinel cried again. He stopped before me, panting.

“What is the cause of thy bellow, young Greinel. Why hast thou disturbed my peace?”

“Oh… “ Greinel rattled to a halt, looking unsure that he should precede.

“Well, boy? Tell me what hath brought thee to me.” I sighed, trying to be patient with the young lad.

“It’s just that… what I mean is… it’s about those plates!”

“Plates?” I replied though I suspected I know where this was going.

“Aye, sir! The plates for the anniversary with the painting on them. Um… here.” And with that he handed me a small scroll with Lord British’s seal on it. Greinel turned to go… or more like flee, from the look of him.

“Hold a moment, lad.” He stopped reluctantly as I open the missive.

The anniversary plates were met with much more popularity than expected. I would like to have some more prepared and given out to the populace. Could you have thy tinkers begin work on this?
I thank thee for thy wonderful work. Speak to me when this is finished and the plates are distributed, and I’ll see to that vacation I know thou doth crave. Thy endless efforts and diligence are much appreciated.
Lord British

More of the anniversary plates. I chuckled softy to myself. Ah well, they are at least a pleasure to make. It is not often that I get to flex my artist talents for something of this magnitude. ‘Tis only a shame that we did not have the opportunity to fashion the plates from gold. Ah well.

I can also prove Vincenio, my chief rival, wrong once again. His claims that tinkers should focus solely on those things that are practical and avoid more aesthetic pursuits have proven to have been incorrect.

“Greinel, round up the other apprentices. We have some work to do.”

I then went to organize our efforts. For the next two days, we would hand out more of the anniversary plates. Instead of putting the kiosk back in place, this time we would hand them out here at the castle. I, myself, would handle that part.

If ye wish to receive a plate, and have not already collected one, come to Lord British’s castle. I shall await thee at the entrance in the northern guard chamber. Sign thy name on the parchment in front of me to receive thy plate.

- Doyl Beita, Royal Tinker