1999-09-30: A Mystery In The Woods

Catskills & Chesapeake Editions

A Mystery In The Woods

Author: Genn Wintord Published: September 30, 1999

I have been a woodsman all my life and I have seen many amazing things during my travels in the woods. However, today while exploring the woods near the mountains of Destard, I came upon a sight that I will never forget.

As I entered a clearing in the woods I saw three, yes I said THREE, Dragons lying in the clearing. I immediately hid myself amongst the cover of the woods. At first I thanked the gods that they were asleep and had not seen me, but as I slowly circled the clearing I could see wounds cut deeply into the Dragons’ hides… they would not awaken from this sleep.

Soon my curiosity took over and I began to wonder what could have possibly slain three Dragons. A closer look revealed that each of the Dragons had flecks of a strange white metallic substance under their claws. This strange metal was harder then steel and bitterly cold to the touch. I have never seen such a substance before, but I cannot help but be reminded of the stories I have heard of the man called Dragar, Lord of Dragons, and the Armor of Ice that he wears. Could these flecks of metal have come from The Armor of Ice? If so, it would seem that these dragons died battling Dragar, but from all that I have heard the Dragons serve him without question. Why would he have killed these Dragons?