1999-10-03: Invasions Across Our Fair Lands

Catskills & Chesapeake Editions

Invasions Across Our Fair Lands

Author: Sarrah Sirruleane Published: October 3, 1999

I am not sure what is going on around here but it seems everywhere I wander these days there are naught but tales of evil beasts invading towns, attacking the residents and well, causing general mayhem! It seems to me that there is little order left in our world for such things continue to occur and little is being done to stem the tide as it were. I am not sure if these happening have anything do to with the dragon... some seem downright odd! Well, let me tell you the rumors and tales I have heard and you can decide for yourself.

For some odd reasons, of late, reapers have been growing all over our fair land... so many in one place ’tis almost like a grove of them, much like the apple and peach tree groves in Castle Britannia. Those that tell the tale say they have never seen so many of the malicious trees in one place before. From what I have been able to gather from my sources, these groves have been seen in Shannara, the Village of Virtue, near Grimoire, the Red Eye Tavern and a number of more isolated places. With so many in one place how does a valiant fighter have a chance?

Don’t stop reading yet; I have more interesting tales to tell!

It seems that the undead have become a bit restless of late as well. Creatures usually not seen in the light of our day are being seen across the land. Lich Lords, bone magi, bone knights... the strongest of the undead rising to walk our lands. What is drawing them to the lands of the living? (Pardon if I quote the tale that Seer Aria told in Britain’s Counselor’s Hall, but it does fit.)

Lastly the ongoing saga of the gargoyles, at least this one I know has something to do with that dragon and Tarina... though I am not sure if that is a good thing or not.

Over the past few evenings, there have been, well the only thing to call them is invasions. Invasions of some of our fair cities and towns by gargoyles... not just a few mind you but tens upon tens of them. One resident actually said there must have been close to 100 at the invasion of Occlo on Friday eve. It seems an ongoing thing these invasions for it was the third in as many nights!

Yew was the first to be attacked and there were rumors that an unknown assailant killed one of the bankers in that fair town at the time of the attack. Are they connected? Who knows? Then the next eve the city of Skara Brae’s mainland farms were invaded by more of the smelly creatures. Then last eve, from witness accounts the largest attack so far on the isle of Occlo. But this time it seems the ancient blue dragon himself was there to aid the combatants in defending the town. After witnessing the massive attack on the dragon by the gargoyles, there was no doubt in the mind of witnesses that the gargoyles have a strong hatred for this magnificent beast. I must not forget to mention the ambushes I was told of while Tarina and a party of companions made their way along the road to Minoc a short time ago. The gargoyles are gathering in force and folks are getting uneasy at all of their activity.

Well fair residents, something strange is happening in our lands - be careful in your travels!

’Till next time