1999-10-25: Trolls' And Ogres' Activity Increase Outside Of Wrong

Catskills Edition

Trolls’ And Ogres’ Activity Increase Outside Of Wrong

Author: Erdeian the Scribe Published: October 25, 1999

In the forests west of the dungeon Wrong, the presence of monsters is not an unusual event. Small orc groups or lone ettins sometimes attack those who travel in those lands, and air elementals are also often reported in the area, but none expected what happened this week....

Large groups of ogres and trolls were seen leaving the dungeon during the week, and many attacks were reported in the area. A huge group of trolls was seen chasing one ogre, then attacking the Dragon’s claw castle mall. Later the same day, two trolls who seemed to want something very special attacked a miner. The next day, the trolls, who looked to be on their way back to Wrong, also attacked a tavern. Ogres were also seen in the area, both in the abandoned fort near the road and in the nearby town of Northwood.

What are the reasons for their presence? And why were ogre and trolls reported to attack each other? Many questions remain unanswered...