1999-10-30: A Race Against Time: The Cure

Lake Superior Edition

A Race Against Time: The Cure

Author: Deborah the Scribe Published: October 30, 1999

It started with a note from the Gelidum. Bring the alchemist, it demanded of the Mage Tower. Gavin remained bound in Trinsic Jail, either through fear or by magic. A simple request turned into a complicated evening as forces of good and evil journied from the far north to the fires of the south, ultimately bringing them another ingredient closer to a way to reverse a ticking clock of devistation. This clock holds the form of one solitary ranger, suspended in the ice dungeon with one week left before the job is “finished” by the Gelidum.

The Mage Tower as a declared neutral interest in the affairs decided to take heed of this note and bring the alchemist Gavin to the Keg and Anchor as requested. Forces of darkness also planned to lead him there for their own purposes. However, this was not to be the case, as this conflicting interference led the mages and sages of the Moonglow to get to Trinsic first and return Gavin to the safety of their tower. In the days that followed, heated words were exchanged over who was at fault for the Gelidum’s decision not to appear in Trinsic to collect Gavin, until the Gelidum issued a statement acknowledging they knew as the escape happened, in fact they had no intention of showing because the “warm ones" were acting so "predictible”.

“... the Gelidum could have responded sooner- but there was something inherently amusing at watching the warm ones bicker among themselves after the incident ...”

The Town Cryer News sent a reporter to Trinsic with the intent to question Anne the guard and revealed this interesting tidbit when asking the head prison guard of her whereabouts.

“We have no guards named Anne here.”
“When we came last time, Anne was guarding Gavin.”
“Are ye deaf? We have never had a guard named Anne here.”

Once at the Mage Tower that evening, many decended upon the building demanding the alchemist, answers, and information. Gavin appeared to have plans of his own given his early release by speaking of a place he used to stay outside Minoc holding some precious belongings of his. He spoke in riddles and babbled extensively as they escorted him away from Moonglow to retrieve them.

In outer Minoc, the crowd was attacked by many ettins, evil mages, and orcs. Gavin continued to grow frantic, seeking his journal. However, once it was discovered, he was nowhere to be seen, having taken advantage of the confusion and chaos inside the cave he had been staying in to flee once again. No sightings of him since then have been revealed.

The book of Gavin’s led the party to the temple upon Fire Island, where chanting the mantras of the shrines and holding lanterns and torches was believed to be the key to drawing out the elusive deamon Clauneck. Gavin claimed Clauneck held and ingredient needed for “his” cure. After the first attempt failed, the party moved downstairs into the darkened lair below the temple and repeated the process. This time success was to be had as Clauneck appeared. Unlike many times where it has been proven in order to get what is needed a party must kill for it, compassion and negotiation ruled the evening. A little kindness in the form of fish to this hungry and confused deamon provided the assembly with brimstone, a presumed ingredient of the cure.

There must be something done by the end of the first week of the new month with regards to the ranger, according to the most recent communication from the Gelidum.

The Gelidum simply wants the ranger out of our kingdom and to make peace. Two weeks, warm ones, or the Gelidum shall merely finish the job started by one of your own.

It has been one week and the world has been shrouded in an eerie silence. No attacks, no sign of activity in Moonglow. The tone is bolder and more mocking than previous communications from the Gelidum. The massacres in Moonglow have not gone without leaving an impression on the residents. Many towns have been attacked, including the distant and usually peaceful Skara Brae, yet the Gelidum reminds everyone that these attacks are only “gentle” compared to what will be forthcoming.

Is Gilkemgain in hiding from fear of publicity bringing further peril to Moonglow? Upon inquiry, we have learned Professor Temesa has suspended the start of classes at the Lycaeum by order of the University until safety can be consistiently assured to the attendees. The High Council has issued no retracting statements to their current stance on the Gelidum. Will the researchers find what they need before its too late? Where is Gavin and is he actually helping Gilkemgain, and for what purpose?

A general reminder to any that are interested in following the cure and its progress, the best time to find Gilkemgain is on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The Town Cryer awaits for the answers, as do many around the realm in this race against time.