1999-10-30: The Waters

Catskills & Chesapeake Editions

The Waters

Author: Unknown author Published: October 30, 1999

Nestled in a sleeping city lay a spring. A mirrored surface, reflecting the distant stars and moons. Rocks of white curl about the placid waters like a lover seeking comfort in its partner. All is covered in a blanket of darkness.

Within the confines of the quiet well the deep waters of the spring begin to stir slowly. Soft whispers fill the air like a gentle rain, calling out to whomever would listen. A light wind slides through the tree branches caressing each leaf as it passes. The waters glow with an unnatural light. Something moves under the surface.

Causing neither ripple nor ring a translucent figure rises silently from the depths. A familiar figure draped in a cloak from head to toe. Coming to rest on the surface it stands there for some time, staring at the surrounding area.


The word echoes sadly through the area.

How I did try to bring such a thing to their lives. So few truly understood though.

Clouds slowly drift overhead drawing the darkness closer.

Now, as the second chapter begins to unfold within the woods and the shadow returns in search of the lost words, I can only wait and watch. My part has been played for now and it remains up to them to fill the prophecy.

A candle takes life in a darkened window and voices are barely heard. The cloaked face turns towards the low flickering.

A glimmer of hope struggling to find a hold in the darkness? Or perhaps the darkness will find its light…

A low sigh catches the winds as the figure slides from view and the waters become still once again.