1999-11-09: Kyry Saved; Assistant Found Murdered

Lake Superior Edition

Kyry Saved; Assistant Found Murdered

Author: Deborah the Scribe Published: November 9, 1999

For our love, for our souls, we will reunite Theron with Kyry tonight," vowed one. The mood was high spirited and full of faith standing outside of Professor Temesa’s dwelling in Moonglow. The size of the collection indicated this was a moment many had waited for and on call as needed. The Honor Guard was out in full force, as were many members of Scarlet Gryphon Protectors, the Mage Tower, and the Sisterhood of the Ivory Maiden guild. Many non-affiliated members of the group proved that Kyry’s plight was no small matter and had touched the hearts of a concerned and compssionate land. These warriors, mages, and sages had each made valued contributions towards the progress of the cure. Under the instruction of Gilkemgain they helped search for ingredients. They also provided valued research and help for Professor Clio Temesa of the Lycaeum, who helped spearhead the efforts towards the non-chemical part of Kyry’s release.

The crowd assembles outside Professor Temesa’s house. Upon explaining the purpose and series of events to take place, Professor Temesa called for volunteers to help cast spells after the ritual performed. The ritual uncovered and translated by the Sisterhood, invoked thanks to each of the elements and drew upon the strength of light and goodness in order to restore Kyry’s spirit from her imprisoned state.

Before leaving, Professor Temesa encouraged Theron to go next door and find out if Gilkemgain would be attending the evening’s events and the status of the potion. After several minutes, another member of the group went to go check on things, and soon the professor herself travelled over. The Honor Guard, however, remained in perfect formation with a military precision held in wonderous awe by a couple members of the crowd, instilling a sense of confidence in everyone.

An ominous discovery awaited them.

The potion was done and Gilkemgain was as well, his body brutally strewn across the floor in a display of cold blooded murder. With some voiced concerns of safety, guards were attatched to watch over members performing each of the rituals, and with a rallying, “Let’s go!” from the professor, the group travelled across the border to Papua. Arriving at the ice dungeon, the Honor Guard entered first to clear the pathway ahead, bravely battling each thing entering their path on the way to the ice fiend room. Minimal casualties were reported.

The spirit healing ritual conducted by the Sisterhood of the Ivory Maiden went smoothly with a hush falling over the crowd as each compass point thanked the elements. Columns of flame periodically rose during the ceremony over the speakers, emphasizing their words.

As they finished the crowd heard a yell unlike any of the others from Kyry to date. “Get me off this blasted thing!” She yelled. The ritual had woken the lass from her state. But what of the vortex she stood upon? Bound yet obviously living, the mages volunteering earlier rushed forward to chant the spells.

While the evil mages of the dungeon remained quiet during the Sisterhood’s ritual, this was not to be the case as the Mage Tower and other volunteer mages took position around the vortex to reverse the freezing spells used by the Gelidum. Painstaking care and just a little bit of debate was given the evening before to the spells used to freeze the shrines, and their counterspells, but it was obvious the group was prepared to do the job. However, as the first set of spells was invoked, Theron rushed forward, drawing and firing upon Kyry. The crowd quickly stopped the distraught ranger, completely overtaking him with spells and other weapons. Mad mages and creatures rushed the crowd, attempting to derail their efforts. The attacks grew harsher with each word and only one brave mage persisted and was able to finish the entire set of spells in the increasing din, shouting above the noise through urging of the crowd nearby in a race against time before the moment was lost.

And so it began.

Pandemonium broke loose as Kyry fell. Without a moment to cheer or heave a sigh of relief, the crowd surrounding the vortex was set upon in waves of creatures of ice and frost instantly. Others in the hall were distracted by the appearance of the ancient frost wyrm Myllfalydd claiming no responsibility for this sudden attack upon Kyry’s release.

The ice vortex vanished. As the monsters quieted down in retreat, the iced vortex vanished in several bursts of flame leaving no trace of there ever being anything out of the ordinary.

Quickly the crowd rushed Kyry back to the lab in order to allow her to drink the potion. The note next to it read, “The potion is ready. I had to compensate a bit though - Gil”. With what he had to compensate with is unknown, and barring any notes found within the lab, will remain unknown with his untimely death. Despite concerns for Kyry’s safety the potion could not be moved so the the remains were covered up as Kyry wandered through the lab to consume the liquid.

Back in Moonglow, the scene was somber, yet celebratory at the same time. Many chatting outside looked and sounded relieved afterwards, however questions still remained that night as the Kyry fell asleep near instantly upon consuming the potion. Who did kill Gilkemgain, and why? Is anyone near the center of these mysteries safe, including the Lycaeum professor? Where was Gavin? Why did Theron fire at Kyry?

Kyry in Papua. As for Kyry, she was briefly reunited with her love Theron and free at last from the ice vortex that held her for the last several months. What she’ll remember or can tell anyone about her time locked away in the dungeon of Glacia is still a mystery. Kyry has been temporarilly quarantinned to allow the potion to take effect and to rest before receiving visitors. Theron has stated she will be allowed to have visitors starting this week.

Current reports around Moonglow provided by the city detective indicate the “Ice Lab” is closed as a murder scene under the authority of the Council of Honesty and Honor Guard. All visitors to the area and to Kyry are advised any disturbance of the evidence is considered a crime and shall be treated accordingly.