1999-12-19: The Silent Tower

Catskills & Chesapeake Editions

The Silent Tower

Author: Unknown author Published: December 19, 1999

Darkness, cold and unfeeling, seeps through the metallic maw of a lonely tower; portals to what once held fear and sorrow for so many. Under the touch of a chill wind the doors swing open with a quiet wailing. Moonlight pierces the darkened interior casting a soft radiance within. Nothing can be seen stirring.

With a steely nerve born from years of reporting the unusual I stepped slowly towards the forlorn opening. Climbing the steps I could hardly repress a shudder when I thought of all that transpired within these walls. Unspeakable acts of evil and depravity that would corrupt the stoutest heart had they been witness. A place that created its own legend was far too hard to pass up though when the rumors started filtering in, evil or no evil.

Stepping into the entry hall I quickly gave a look around to make sure there was nothing hiding in the shadows waiting for me. Noticing no eyes glowing or the slavering fangs usually found with those eyes I set about lighting my lantern. The warm glow it gave chased the majority of my imagined gremlins off to the darker corners and actually added a bit of cheer to an otherwise drab place. Aside from a few oddities such as the jail cell tucked away in the back this structure was indeed fairly bland. The entryway held a forging area as well as a small neat table, which looked to be kept in good order. Not exactly a place I could picture a crackpot mage… err that is to say, a less aware practitioner of the arts.

Lifting my light high I peered towards where I knew the stairwell could be found. A dull shine reflected back to me from the floor. Guessing as to what I was seeing and caring only for the story, I pulled together my courage and boldly stepped forward. What I found still puts my hair on end. A blood smear as long as a man and with the bones to match piled at the end. Picked quite clean I might add. Well, I’m not usually frightened off by such things… not usually… but I have to admit finding something like this in a place where nothing would dare walk without permission is disconcerting to say the least. One has to wonder what could do such a thing. If it’s still there I wont be the one to find out. I only wish to report the news, not become it.

Now, as I finish writing this comfortably behind my desk, the same thought strikes me over and over… the Tower of Souls is empty...