1999-12-20: Letter Found At The Library In Britain

Atlantic Edition

Letter Found At The Library In Britain

Author: Unknown author Published: December 20, 1999

The following letter was discovered on a desk at the library in Britain:

Milady, I have done as you requested and used all my resources at hand to search the records for any references to dragons and the evil that appears to attack our land. One of the scribes recalled an old journal and found the following entry, the date of the journal is centuries old, and much of this book is written like A drunkard’s dreaming, so I do not know if this will help but here is a copy of it nonetheless.

From the Journal of Captain Foamfollower,

Having been at sea a long time I decided to take my time at a port of call in Cove, but the small town had not much to offer and I did set out for a little walk. Very tiring that, walking on land that does not assist ye by coming to meet ye steps. Well in any event I stumbled upon a meeting of sorts. Normally I would be the first to run at the sights of dragons, but there were people about talking with them and I did not hear any screaming, so I sat at the edge of the clearing and listened in a bit. It appeared to be a diplomatic conference of some sort, and the folk were quite pleased with themselves. It was then that it dawned upon me that these were those dragons that had been assisting our lords’ defeat of the evil ones. There were eight dragons there, each as strong as the next, each talking with a group of people. Each group was sort of by itself with a dragon. The people were from many parts of the land, I could tell by their accents and their clothing, you see. I listened in upon one group, and though the people did not see me, I swear that dragon looked right at me and just smiled. Sent shivers up my spine, seeing those teeth and all. Then I saw this stuffy old gentleman, must have been a politician of sorts, give the dragon a key, probably to his city, I have heard of them doing that so I figure he was a politician. Several of his guards, paladin types ye know, then kneeled and saluted this dragon, and in turn the dragon breathed fire into the air. The other meetings were similar because the sky lit up all over the place just about then. The dragons as a group leaped into the air and took flight. They circled the clearing for a bit and then split up each going a different direction. Following their example I decided to return to my ship and not get caught up in that sort of political stuff.