2000-01-27: Crisis in Britannia

Global Edition

Crisis in Britannia

Author: Bundor Published: January 27, 2000

Massive wave attacks of monsters and mystical beings now affect seven cities in the Realm.

As reported earlier, creatures are launching massive attacks on cities throughout the Realm. Yew, Cove, Vesper, Trinsic, Delucia and Papua were previously affected by the attacks. Now, the city of Britain has also fallen victim to the mysterious invasion of evil beings.

In addition, some mysterious force is affecting Lord British’s guards in those towns. They will defend citizens from attacks by other humans, but are completely ignoring calls for help against the monsters.

The attacks seem particularly vicious in Trinsic, with hordes of the Undead roaming about in and around the town, making ordinary, every-day life a hazard to the unwary.

No one knows - or is willing to say - just who or what is behind the attacks. It is rumored that Lord British is preparing a statement to be delivered at his castle.