2000-01-27: Update from Trinsic

Global Edition

Update from Trinsic

Author: Drenon Published: January 27, 2000

Trinsic is suffering terribly from vicious and massive Undead attacks. Reports continue to come in describing growing numbers of undead hordes, streaming into the streets bringing brutal carnage to the very doorsteps of the citizens themselves.

While there have been unconfirmed reports of even larger armies of undead moving to the west and the south of Trinsic, we have heard from good authority that a number of the more affluent citizens are beginning to move their resources to other cities as a precaution against the growing threat.

There still remains no sufficient explanation for the mysterious force that has kept Lord British’s guards quiescent. They continue to defend citizens from attacks by other humans, but bring no aid to those accosted by the monster marauders.

In Trinsic the citizens have been growing anxious for word from Lord British. The question of “Where do these attacks originate from, and who or what is behind the growing onslaught against our fair cities?” is no longer a great concern of the citizens of Trinsic, who daily must flee like rats in a beleaguered City of Honor.