2000-02-10: Trinsic Set to Fall

Global Edition

Trinsic Set to Fall

Author: Bundor Published: February 10, 2000

A massive army of the Undead, led by Juo'nar, came very close to capturing the city of Trinsic yesterday. However, an even larger army of Undead has been sighted and is expected to arrive there sometime today. Leaders and volunteer defenders alike think it unlikely that Trinsic will survive a renewed assault by the monstrous invaders.

Yesterday's assault, which ran throughout the day and into the nighttime hours, was finally stemmed by the last minute arrival of several hundred volunteer warriors. Juo'nar and his surviving forces retreated in good order towards the second army marching on the city.

The army struck repeatedly at the walls and at times appeared to have the upper hand at several of the city's gates. Only desperate fighting by the outnumbered citizens and volunteer defenders prevented the attackers from blockading the gates and trapping the them inside the city.

A confidential source inside Trinsic's ad-hoc military command said the mood was grim. "We're barely hanging on here," said the source. "The leaders know that. There's talk of cutting our losses and evacuating before this next, larger army arrives. No one believes we can go through that kind of assault a second time."

With no large body of Lord British's forces near enough to the city to reinforce it, it appears the city is doomed. Residents have been urged to flee.

It is also rumored that Lord British has commanded Court Mage Nystul to create a spell to re-route first time adventurers trying to gate to Trinsic to another city, in an attempt to save the lives of the fledgling warriors and mages.