2000-02-17: Rude Awakening in Trinsic

Global Edition

Rude Awakening in Trinsic

Author: Vinen the Warrior Published: February 17, 2000

The battle of Trinsic had raged for days, and now the city was held in the grip of Juo’nar and his undead legions. Having fought my for my life, I was bested by a lich upon the wall at the West Gate. The last thing I remember was that cruel laugh then darkness. Much to my surprise I awoke minutes later. It seems that my life was not taken but that I simply had been knocked unconscious. I slowly opened my eyes, only to realize that maybe death would have been kinder. Looming over my right side, was the Malabelle conversing with one of her lesser minions. “I now control this city. Trinsic is mine!”, she boasted. Terrified for my life I lay still as can be. As the last note of Malabelle’s proclamation to her underling rang in my head, a flash of light appeared on my left side. Slowly a form can into vision. A beautiful woman stood upon the walls. I eyed here a bit closer. She was dressed in a revealing black leather outfit with long raven colored locks flowing down here back. In her hand she held a black staff that pulsed with a blue energy that seem to scream evil. Her eyes were cold and black as she stared at Malabelle,

“Allow me to correct you my dear. I now control this city. Trinsic is mine.”, she said in a commanding tone that made Malabelle appear to flinch. “Yes milady Minax, the city belongs to you.”, she said and quickly vanished into thin air. Minax grinned and gave a small laugh before turning her attention upon the fighting in the street below. With out a word she raised her staff in the air and then it happened. I could not believe my eyes. I have been a warrior in this land for many years and never have I seen such power. I could feel the energy building around her as she slowly continued, wordlessly, to raise her staff. Lighting rained out of the sky striking all the warriors below. I was blinded by the display for brief moment. When my vision recovered I could see that not a single man or woman on the street below was alive. The zombies had already begun to ingest the newly dead. Minax smiled, as if this murder had given her joy, and the disappeared.

I dare say I thank the virtues that I still live to tell this tale. I believe it will be a long time before I return to Trinsic.