2000-02-18: Sir Geoffrey Captures Orc Prisoner!

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Sir Geoffrey Captures Orc Prisoner!

Author: Bundor Published: February 18, 2000

It was reported today that Sir Geoffrey, ordered by Lord British to capture a prisoner for questioning, has done just that.

The able knight, in the company of Lord Iolo and several retainers, made a daring raid on an Orc encampment not far from Yew late last night. After dispatching the sentries, they disrupted the camp, snatched a sleeping Orc from his bedroll and made haste out of the area. They were pursued for several hours by elements of the Orc raiding party, but managed to escape into the darkness after two running battles in the murky woods.

Sir Geoffrey has escorted the prisoner to Yew, where it will be questioned by the Druid, Selzanhik. It is also rumored that Lord British himself will travel from Britain to Yew to be present during the questioning.