2000-02-24: Comments from Cutter

Comments from Cutter

Feb 24 2000 1:09PM

This was originally posted to Quality Assurance at[1]

Hail and well meet citizens of Britannia.

Most of you do not know who I am. So with your permission, I will introduce myself.

I am called Cutter of OSI QA. I am the leader of the Ultima Online Quality Assurance clan. We live out our lives working and playing on Test Center, testing and helping to bring forth the new features that you all enjoy so much. I have seen many changes come to the lands of Lord British over the past seasons; some of which I had a hand in and some that I did not. It would appear that with the fall of Trinsic more changes are coming very soon. With the dark clouds that now hang on the horizon and the ever-increasing raids on the other townships lends me to wonder what must lie in store for us in the days to come. I invite you to come see us on Test Center when you find time, and get a look at the new things coming. While you’re there, seek out one of my Captains, Loco Joe OSI QA or Capt. Sturm. I’m sure they would enjoy having you accompany them on a test. Your input is very important to us and we will always lend an ear to any issues you may find, though we may not always reply to each suggestion. If a reported exploit is a good one you may even be rewarded.

Till we meet again... Fare you well, my friend.

Cutter of OSI QA [email protected]