2000-02 Newsletter

Ultima Online Newsletter: February 2000

Ultima Online Newsletter - February
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>1>> Trinsic Falls in Bloody Battle
>2>> My UO Character Pages Open
>3>> Oceania Shard Opening
>4>> Britannia Network News
>5>> Companions and Counselors Needed
>6>> February Spotlights
>7>> Lord British Award Winners

Trinsic Falls in Bloody Battle!
A dark morning fell over all Britannia as Trinsic, City of Honor, fell after a long and deadly battle. Fair Trinsic had worn well under endless siege by Undead of all shapes, power, and temper, but in the end, she was no match to the vicious army.
Slaughtered corpses line Trinsic's once beautiful streets as the occasional dying scream slices through air thick with smoke. The dark army tends their weapons and waits patiently for command... and through it all walks their leader - a raven-haired woman in black.
Who is she? And what does she want of Britannia?
Visit the Britannia Town Cryer for more details.

MyUO Character Pages Open
Show off your Ultima Online character to anyone in the world!
With the new MyUO Character Pages, all you need to share is a URL. Once a day, we create an updated version of your character's paperdoll, down to the smallest detail, and make it available on the MyUO website for the world to see!
MyUO Character Pages can only be enabled by subscribers to MyUO: the personalized version of the Ultima Online website available exclusively to UO subscribers.
Sign up for your FREE MyUO account

Oceania Shard Opening
Ultima Online goes Down Under to open Oceania shard in Sydney, Australia. Oceania shard is the 21st UO shard, and brings the game to a new continent - our 4th!
Oceania is named after the pacific region in which it resides; a region that is also home to the 25,000 islands that make up the South Pacific.
For more details on Oceania and other shard openings, please visit:

Britannia Network News
Join Anchorman, Bundor the Bard, and Co-Anchor, Matthew the Bard, and the team of BNN reporters as they bring the news of Britannia to you!
Britannia Network News - or BNN - is the daily audio edition of all the news in Britannia, from Yew to you. Real Audio is required.
Stop by and give us a listen at:

Companions and Counselors Needed
Does helping your fellow Ultima Online players sound fun and exciting? Are you blessed with a wealth of knowledge about Britannia and her customs? Join our Counselor or Companion program, and share that knowledge with others!
We're looking for Ultima Online Counselors and Companions for all shards,and you may be just who we're looking for!
Read about the UO Counselor program
Read about the UO Companion program

February Spotlights
Join us in February for a month-long spotlight on love in Ultima Online! We can't help it - we get all romantic around Valentine's Day...
The schedule of February spotlights is:
February 4th: A Britannian Love Story
February 11th: Real Life UO Love Stories
February 18th: First Love in Britannia
February 25th: Britannian Bachelor Tales
To read these tales, please visit the Spotlight section of the website

Lord British Award Winners
We are proud to announce the following winners of The Lord British Award for Excellence in the Community.
Stella Maris - Achievement in Community Organization
Stella Maris has devoted a great deal of time supporting the community of Skara Brae as Chancellor of the Gentry, Event Coordinator, and Website Manager of The Skara Brae Chimera - "The Voice of the Community of Skara Brae on the Pacific Shard".
For more information on The Skara Brae Chimera